Hardhat Mesh Covers For Cap Style Hard Hats (All Colors)

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Hardhat Mesh Covers
For Cap Style Hard Hats
Workers have a very broad range of hard hat accessories to choose from. Some accessories are designed to enhance functionality while others are made to improve visibility. The hardhat mesh covers for cap style hard hats are designed to make it easier to distinguish between different groups of workers. There are several other products that are designed for this exact purpose, but the problem with many of these products is that they’re permanent.

Permanent markers and paint are great products, and they can be very effective for worker distinction, but since they’re permanent, they degrade the plastic that most hard hats are made from. Many workers don’t know that sun exposure weakens hard hats and stops them from lasting as long as they could. Hard hat mesh covers are very useful for extending the life of the typical hard hat.

Aside from the sun protection, another advantage of using a mesh cover is better worker distinction. In other words, mesh covers make it easier for groups of workers to tell each other apart. The Occunomix hard hat mesh covers are especially useful in dangerous work environments because they allow workers to quickly identify each other through peripheral vision.

For example, mesh covers can make it easier for seasoned workers to identify new workers. Mesh hard hat covers also increase worker visibility, which leads to better overall safety. You can never have too much safety in the workplace. These covers are designed to be highly visible, and they’re made with great attention paid to the details.

A mesh hard hat cover is one of the best investments that you can make for safety accessories. Each mesh cover has reflective strips built into it and can be used for cap style and full brim hard hats. For optimal comfort, the covers are made of lightweight, washable mesh. They’re pre-sized to fit a wide range of hard hat models. Choose orange covers with lime stripes, or you can get lime covers with orange stripes.
Features Include:
  • High visibility mesh hard hat covers
  • Comes with reflective striping to add visibility to any hard hat.
  • Fits Regular and Full Brim models
SKU ~ V896-R   Occunomix
Hardhat Mesh Covers
for Cap Style Hard Hats


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