Glove Rack, Dark Green PVC-Coated for high moisture & chemicals, Holds 4 Pairs

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Glove Rack
Dark Green PVC-Coated for high moisture and chemicals
Holds 4 Pairs
Stop wasting time looking for boots and gloves with these handy racks:

DRY - Speed drying by holding boots and gloves open and off the floor.
STORE - Create a place for every boot and glove. Stop clutter. No more piles
ORGANIZE - Collect boots and gloves in one easy-to-find location.

We carry a vast selection of glove racks, so we have many of the best products to choose from. On this page, you'll find some of our dark green PVC-coated racks. Since they're coated with durable PVC, these racks are ideal for environments that contain lots of moisture.

The PVC coating also provides excellent resistance against chemicals. These racks are designed to hold four different pairs of gloves. They're great for people who need to dry gloves often. Since they keep gloves elevated and off of the floor, these racks are able to speed up the drying process.

With four different slots, there are plenty of places to store your gloves. Once the racks are installed, you can stop tossing your gloves into an unsightly pile. A major benefit that all glove racks provide is better organization. They let you keep all of your gloves in a spot that is convenient.

By speeding up the drying process, they're able to reduce odor and keep gloves smelling fresh. They can be used to store gloves of all sizes and styles. Since they keep gloves in a natural shape, these racks prevent permanent bending and cracking.
  • Great for industrial use
  • Made of steel and coated with PVC for durability
  • Can withstand solvents, common acids and bleaches
  • Ideal for all glove styles
14" High x 22" Wide x 5.25" Deep
SKU ~ RE2044
Glove Rack
Dark Green PVC-Coated
for high moisture and chemicals
Holds 4 Pairs


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