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Eyewash Station, Double

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Eyewash Station
There is no way to know when workers will get injured while on the job. A common injury involves the eyes and can require immediate flushing. The single eyewash stations on this page are great for these situations because they can be used to decontaminate the eyes.

Many work environments expose workers to hazardous chemicals and can cause a wide range of problems. Without an accessible eyewash station, workers won't be able to get the help that they need after an injury.

The eyewash stations that are available on this page are designed to make it easy for workers to quickly decontaminate their eyes. If your eyes have been exposed to harmful chemicals, it's extremely important to decontaminate them as quickly as possible.

The products on this page are capable of holding two bottles of eyewash, which is enough fluid for several decontamination sessions. You should consider these products if you need to keep eyewash in a single location. The station will make sure that the eyewash is available to all employees, and since it can be mounted to the wall, you can use it to point the eyewash in a convenient direction.

  • Keeps eyewash convenient and accessible
  • Instructions printed on door
  • Made of clear acrylic for optimal visibility
  • Eyewash solution must be purchased separately
  • Holds two bottles of eyewash
  • Dimensions ~ 5-3/8" W X 10-1/4" H X 6" D
  • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
  • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.
  • Eyewash solution not included.

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Eyewash Station


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