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ERB Safety Hard Hat Light Clips

Many work environments don’t have enough light, and when visibility is low, serious accidents are more likely to occur. The ERB hard hat amber safety lights are great solutions to the problem of low visibility. By attaching these lights to a hard hat, workers can increase their visibility and make it easier for others to see them.

They can be used for low light conditions, but they’re especially useful in work environments that are completely dark. For example, these lights are great for night workers. A tiny amount of additional light can dramatically increase worker safety. The clip is designed to hold the light, and you can attach the clip to any type of hard hat. Each light offers two different light patterns, so you can choose between a steady light and fast flash.

Before making a purchase, you can choose from yellow or red light colors. For maximum visibility, these lights can be seen up to half a mile away. If you need to stay safe while working at night, these could be the perfect products for you. Equipment operators will be able to see the light on your hard hat, and you’ll be able to avoid injury. Each ERB safety hard hat light comes with three AAA batteries, and you get a mounting bracket with 3M adhesive tape.

The adhesive tape is very strong and made to withstand harsh weather conditions. The lights can be set to display a steady or blinking pattern. To stay safe, you need to stay visible. These lights can be easily attached to any hard hat and will increase your visibility and safety. If you don’t want to mount the lights to a hard hat, you can easily attach them to parts of your clothing.

Features Include:
  • Great for low-visibility environments
  • Includes three AAA batteries
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Comes with strong 3M adhesive tape

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