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Elk River Rebar Chain Assembly 25.5 inch Lifeline

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Elk River
Rebar Chain Assembly
25.5 inch Lifeline
Fits up to #14S Rebar
The Elk River® rebar chain assembly lifelines are made from the strongest materials. These lifelines have a length of 25.5 inches, and they make it easy to secure your lanyard using multiple positions. Each chain assembly has a rebar hook, and the other end has two snaphooks.

For maximum versatility, there is even an adjuster built into each assembly. If you're looking for a product that makes lanyard adjustment extremely flexible and easy, these are top products to consider. Since they're made by Elk River®, you can trust the quality of the materials.

With a length of 25.5 inches, these products offer plenty of space, so you shouldn't experience any feelings of constriction. One side of each assembly has a throat opening double locking snaphook, and the other side has two Centurion snaphooks, which are full rated.

The snaphooks also feature an auto-lock design. These products are very affordable and make it easy to adjust a lanyard with several positions. You might have difficulty finding other products that offer the same level of flexibility. These products increase worker safety, and they're sufficient for a variety of heavy-duty applications. .

  • Features a length of 25.5 inches
  • Secures your lanyard
  • Offers great flexibility for lanyard positioning
  • Comes with one rebar hook and two snaphooks
  • Has an adjuster
  • Fits up to #14S Rebar
SKU ~ 13420
Elk River
Rebar Chain Assembly
25.5 inch Lifeline
Fits up to #14S Rebar
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