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Elk River Deluxe Confined Space System, 50 foot lifeline

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Elk River
Deluxe Confined Space System
50 foot lifeline
Without proper fall protection, workers could be risking their lives. The Elk River® Deluxe confined space system is a great example of reliable fall protection. With a 50-foot lifeline, it keeps workers safe and prevents deadly accidents. This system is particularly useful for applications that require workers to repel down into manholes.

It's designed to protect workers who must perform inside of a confined space. The 50-foot lifeline should be more than enough for most applications, and it allows workers to safely repel down into a confined space. To provide the maximum level of safety, the Elk River® deluxe confined space system uses several strong components.

The tripod leg assembly is the main component, and it provides the major support that prevents workers from falling into the confined space. The system also includes a winch, tripod head assembly, retractable lanyard and pulley. The package also includes a harness bag, red winch bag, burgundy tripod bag, spreader bar, bridle and yoke.

There are several other components that come with the system, and to see them all, you can look below. These Elk River® products are designed to keep workers safe while working in confined spaces. With a 50-foot lifeline, they should work well for most applications.

USA Industry Classifications
FA - Fall Arrest
FP - Fall Prevention
PO - Positioning
  • Comes with everything you need for confined spaces
  • 50-foot lifeline is ideal for most applications
  • Prevents workers from falling and getting injured inside of a confined space
  • Comes with retractable lanyard and pulley
  • Tripod leg assembly is very sturdy and supportive
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Elk River
Deluxe Confined Space System
50 foot lifeline
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