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Elk River Master Series 1" x 3' ZORBER Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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Elk River
Flex NoPac
Shock Absorbing Lanyard
3 foot, Twin Leg
Our Elk River® Master Series™ Zorber™ shock-absorbing lanyards are ideal for applications that require reliable fall protection. These lanyards are ideal for all worksites, and since they have a system for shock absorption, they can prevent injuries caused by accidental falls.

When working high above the ground, workers have no way of knowing if they'll fall. A single step in the wrong direction could cause a worker to fall, and without the shock-absorption system, the worker could sustain serious injuries.

These lanyards are made from nylon material, so they're quite strong and offer decent flexibility. Like most of our other lanyards, they have a snaphook on each end. The Master Series Zorber™ lanyards can be attached to an anchor point and deliver reliable fall protection.

These short sections of rope are strong enough to prevent a deadly fall, and they can be connected to the D-ring on any safety harness. The shock-absorption feature eliminates the energy produced by a fall and protects the worker from possible death. These lanyards can be attached to an anchor point or lifeline, and they serve as an important part of any fall protection program.

  • Can be connected to your safety harness D-ring
  • Shock-absorption feature eliminates fall energy and prevents injury
  • Connect to a lifeline or anchor point
  • Made of nylon
  • Snaphooks on each end
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Elk River
Master Series
1" x 3' ZORBER
Shock Absorbing Lanyard
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