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Elk River Construction Plus Harness and Kit, Regular lanyard

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Elk River®
Construction Plus™
Harness and Kit
Regular Lanyard
The Elk River® Construction Plus™ Harness and Kit on this page uses a regular lanyard, and it can be used for industrial, roofing, wind energy, tower climbing and oil rigging applications. Since it's a kit, it contains several different components

The main component is the single D-ring Construction Plus full-body harness. The kit also contains a CP+ lifeline, and it has 13100 double-locking snaphooks. The lifeline also has a thimble eye. With a 5/8" rope grab and attached 3" web lanyard, it would be very difficult to get hurt while wearing this fall protection kit. For superior stability, it comes with a reusable roof anchor.

You can get all of the components inside of a carry-all bucket. These components are designed to fit sizes between medium and XL. The harness wraps around the wearer's torso and secures the legs. The other pieces of equipment that come with the kit are designed to attach the harness to a secure anchor point.

These kits will protect workers from deadly falls and make it easier to focus on work. Each kit is made to be worn by one worker at a time. These kits are particularly useful for the wind energy, oil rigging and roofing industries.

CSA Classifications
Group A - Full Arresting
Group P - Worker Positioning

USA Industry Classifications
FA - Fall Arrest
FP - Fall Prevention
  • Uses regular lanyard
  • Comes with reusable roof anchor
  • Three-inch lanyard has a length of 50 feet
  • Features a single D-ring full-body harness
  • 5/8" rope grab attached to lanyard
  • CP+ lifeline has thimble eye and double-locking snaphooks
  • Kit comes with carry-all bucket for convenience
  • Fits all sizes Med-XL
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Elk River®
Construction Plus™
Harness and Kit
Regular Lanyard
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