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Elk River Construction Plus Fall Protection Kit

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Fall Protection Kit
The Elk River Construction Plus fall protection kit is made with mating buckles. It consists of a high-quality harness and several components. It comes with a NoPac web lanyard, which absorbs fall energy. It features a 13102 snap hook, and it even comes with a storage bag.

This harness is designed for jobs that require workers to perform tasks high above the ground. When working high up, it's impossible to predict an accident. Something as simple as a misstep could cause a worker to fall. Without some sort of fall protection, a minor accident can become deadly.

Fall protection is something that all employers should invest in because it's the only way to guarantee the safety of the workers. These protection kits are ideal for people who regularly work high above the ground. They can work well for window washers, tree trimmers and high-rise workers.

However, they can be used for a variety of other applications. Each harness is designed to wrap around the worker and secure the legs and torso. They have lanyards that are designed to absorb the shock energy produced by a fall, so even if a worker falls while wearing one of these fall protection kits, they won't sustain injury from the fall energy.
CSA Classifications
Group A - Full Arresting

USA Industry Classifications
FA - Fall Arrest
FP - Fall Prevention
  • Designed to fit sizes small to XL
  • Features a 13102 snap hook
  • Comes with energy-absorbing lanyard
  • 48013 CP+ harness and mating buckles
  • Great for window washers, tree trimmers and high-rise workers
  • Fits all sizes S-XL
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Elk River
Construction Plus
Fall Protection Kit
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