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Double Wide Safety Glass Dispenser

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Double Wide
Safety Glass Dispenser
In certain situations, our standard safety glass holders aren’t appropriate. Some environments require a double wide safety glass dispenser. These products are great because they can deliver significantly more horizontal storage than some of the alternatives.

These units have a flip-up access door, so they offer excellent protection for many pairs of glasses. The lid prevents dust from settling onto the glasses, but it doesn’t reduce the accessibility of the glasses. In other words, workers can quickly grab the glasses that they need to get the job done.

The double-wide safety glass dispensers can hold multiple pairs of loose and boxed goggles and glasses. They’re easy to mount onto a wall and will work great in laboratories, warehouses and factories. Each unit is made of clear impact acylic, which is a strong, protective material.

The double-wide safety glass dispensers are better for many environments than standard dispensers because they deliver more horizontal storage. They can be used to store glasses or goggles and make it easy to convert a small amount of space into plenty of storage.
  • Double-wide design provides maximum horizontal storage
  • Made from clear impact acylic
  • Keeps safety glasses and goggles easily accessible
  • Great for laboratories, warehouses and factories
  • Individuals compartments can be used for identification purposes
  • Dimensions:  16" Wide X 19" High X 4" Deep
  • Notes:
    • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
    • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.

SKU ~ AK-229-12
Double Wide
Safety Glass Dispenser


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