10-Pair Safety Glasses Dispenser with lid, CLEAR PLASTIC

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10-Pair Safety Glasses Dispenser with Lid
Safety glasses are only useful if they’re actually worn. The problem is that many workers won’t wear glasses if they don’t have easy access to them. When workers aren’t wearing proper protective gear, they’re not in compliance, which can cause employers to get fined.

The safety glass dispensers on this page can hold 10 pairs, and since they have a lid, they prevent dust from settling on the glasses. The dispensers are made from clear plastic, so you can quickly determine when they need to be refilled. The clear plastic is convenient and durable. These dispensers can be used in many different types of work environments.

They’re designed to be placed on a flat surface, or you can mount them to a wall. Although they’re made to hold safety glasses, these dispensers also work well for ear plug storage.

Each dispenser is large enough to hold 10 pairs of glasses, which should be enough for smaller workplaces. The plastic material protects the glasses from damage and ensures they’re readily available for workers. These dispensers can be positioned in high-traffic areas, so it will be almost impossible for workers to miss them.
  • Can be mounted to wall or placed on flat surface
  • Clear plastic makes refilling easy
  • Holds up to 10 pairs of safety glasses
  • Can also be used for ear plug storage
  • Dimensions: 4" High x 9" Wide x 6" Deep (Front 4" High Back 5.5" High)

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Safety Glasses Dispenser
with Lid


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