20-Pair Visitor Safety Glasses Dispenser with lid & door, CLEAR PLASTIC

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20-Pair Visitor Safety Glasses Dispenser
with Lid and Door
We carry several different types of safety glass dispensers, and some are significantly larger than others. The dispensers that we’ve featured on this page can hold up to 20 pairs, and they come with a lid and door. Like many of our other products, these products are made of clear plastic, so they’re transparent and easy to see through.

They’re manufactured in the shape of a rectangle, so they hold the glasses differently than some of our other models. For maximum convenience, these dispensers can be mounted to a wall or placed on a table. Each dispenser can hold up to 20 pairs, so you’ll have enough glasses for the entire crew.

Since they have a lid and door, these products are much better at protecting the glasses while they’re not in use. Some of our other products don’t have a lid and can’t prevent dust from settling onto the glasses. With such a large capacity, these dispensers are ideal for larger workplaces.

Before installation, it’s important to make sure that you install these dispensers in locations that are easily accessible. If workers can’t find the safety glasses, then they’re much less likely to wear them.
  • Can hold 20 pairs of safety glasses
  • Place on a tabletop or mount to a wall
  • Made with clear, strong plastic
  • Has built-in lid and door to prevent dust penetration
  • deal for larger workplaces
  • Individuals compartments can be used for identification purposes
  • Dimensions: 17.25" High x 8" Wide x 4" Deep

SKU ~ RE5145
Safety Glasses Dispenser
with Lid and Door


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