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Double Palm Cotton/Polyester (Polychord) 24 ounce Corded Gloves (Sold by Dozen) All Sizes

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Double Palm
Cotton/Polyester (Polychord)
24 Ounce Corded Gloves
On this page, you'll find our double palm cotton corded gloves. Unlike our other gloves, these products are made with 24 ounces of material, so they're great for heavy-duty applications. The polychord gloves are sold in all sizes, and they're considered the standard for the oil and gas industry.

These gloves are fully corded and feature a double palm. Since they're very effective at repelling oil, dirt and water, they can be used for a variety of different industries, but they work exceptionally well for oil workers. With 24 ounces of material, they offer a level of durability that you won't get from cheaper alternatives.

They have a knit wrist, and the heavy-duty double palm lining is built to last. These gloves are made from a blend of 25 percent polyester and 65 percent cotton. You can tell that these are Red Line gloves because of their distinctive red stitching.

The blend of polyester and cotton material makes them perfect for heavy-duty applications. If you need gloves that deliver excellent abrasion resistance, comfort and mild heat protection, these are some of our best products. Although they're especially useful for oil workers, these gloves are commonly used for gardening, construction and agriculture.
  • Features distinctive red stitching
  • Strong blend of cotton and polyester
  • Provides great abrasion resistance and protects against mild heat
  • Made with 24 ounces of material
  • Men's Size Only
Work Applications Include:
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • General Work Situations
  • Agriculture/Tools
  • Construction
  • Gardening/Outdoor uses
SKU ~ C291WH24L
Double Palm
Cotton/Polyester (Polychord)
24 Ounce Corded Gloves
(Sold by the Dozen)


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