Cowhide Driver with Pull Strap by the PAIR-Med

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Cowhide Driver Glove
with String Pull Strap
(By The Pair)
Size Medium
On this page, you'll find some more of our cowhide gloves. These gloves have string pull straps, and our other gloves have leather pull straps. Like many of our other products, these gloves are available in several different sizes. They're made from solid cowhide, so they're ideal products for tough work applications.

The cowhide is very durable and can withstand plenty of daily abuse. Although the cowhide leather is very tough, these gloves are soft and comfortable to wear. The string pull strap is a useful feature because it allows you to adjust the fit. Once the fit has been adjusted correctly, the gloves will fit your hands better, so they're less likely to fall off while you're working.

As the string pull strap is adjusted, you'll feel the cuff tightening around your wrist. With this useful feature, it takes only seconds to get the perfect fit. These strong cowhide gloves are made with a straight thumb and can be used for a wide variety of situations.

The gloves have colored hem around the tips, so it's very easy to identify different sizes. If you're trying to save money, you can buy these gloves by the dozen, or you can purchase individual pairs. We recommend the cowhide gloves for heavy-duty work applications, construction, agricultural work, maintenance and material handling.
Features and Notes
  • Commonly used for material handling, construction and heavy-duty work
  • Pull strap is made of string
  • Created from solid cowhide
  • Designed for protection and comfort
  • Pull strap lets you quickly adjust the fit
  • Colored hem on tips for easy size identification

  • Notes:
    • The ball and tape (pull string) colors and design can vary from batch to batch.
    • The color of the leather also varies from batch to batch
    • Prices shown are per pair.
    • Buy in quantity and save: Click Here
  • Heavy Duty Work Situations
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Building/Maintenance
  • Material Handling
Cowhide Driver Gloves
with String Pull Strap
(By The Pair)
Size Medium


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