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Cowhide Driver Gloves
with Keystone Thumb
(By The Pair)
Size Medium
Our cowhide driver gloves are popular because they're simple and protective. The products on this page are slightly different than our other gloves because they have a keystone thumb. They can be purchased by the dozen, and they're sold in several different sizes.

If you're looking for heavy-duty leather gloves, these are some of the top products that we carry. Each pair is made of solid cowhide and features stylish, smooth leather. Due to the abundance of materials and availability, this smooth leather is used for most types of cowhide gloves.

The cowhide leather has several characteristics that make it an ideal choice for a variety of industries. You'll find that these gloves offer an excellent balance of comfort, durability and abrasion resistance. They even deliver excellent dexterity, so they can be used for applications that other products can't be used for. For the best fit, they come with a shirred wrist and keystone thumb.

To make size identification easier, the hem is coated with color. These gloves are commonly used for farming, material handling, general industrial work and construction. If you decide to make a purchase, you should know that the color for each batch of gloves can vary.
Features and Notes
  • Made from thick, durable cowhide leather
  • Very popular heavy-duty gloves
  • Features smooth leather
  • Delivers great balance of comfort, durability and dexterity
  • Shirred wrist and keystone thumb
  • Hem is color coated for size identification

  • Notes:
    • The color of the leather varies from batch to batch
    • Prices shown are per pair.
    • Buy in quantity and save: Click Here
  • General industrial work
  • Agricultural
  • Material Handling
  • Package Handling
  • Farming/Ranching
  • Construction
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Cowhide Driver Gloves
with Keystone Thumb
(By The Pair)
Size Medium


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