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Elk River Heavy Duty Re-useable Roof Anchor

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Elk River
Heavy Duty
Re-Useable Roof Anchor
The Elk River® heavy-duty roof anchors are reusable, and they're designed to secure a lanyard or safety harness to wooden roof beams. The anchors needed for wooden beams are different than the anchors needed for metal beams.

For the highest level of safety, it's very important to use the right anchor for the job. These heavy-duty anchors are made to be attached to a wooden beam, and once installed, they'll provide a strong anchor points for workers. They're made to support the weight of a worker, and it's easy to attach lanyards and safety harnesses to them.

Since each anchor can be used many times, these aren't classified as disposable products. These anchors look very similar to a metal hinge, and they have many small holes. To install each anchor, you must drive the nails through the holes, which secure the anchor point to the wooden beam.

The Elk River® heavy-duty roof anchors can hold a lot of weight, so they're suitable for virtually any type of workplace. Although anchors points are critical pieces of equipment, it's important to pay attention to the connecting devices. For optimal safety, these anchors should always be used with durable lanyards.

  • Secures a lanyard or harness to a wooden roof beam
  • Made of heavy-duty metal
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used over and over again
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Elk River
Heavy Duty
Re-Useable Roof Anchor
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