Chemmax 3 Coverall with Hood, Elastic Wrists and Ankles (6 per case), All Sizes

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The CHEMMAX 3™ is a multi-role chemical protective garment, so it will protect your body against harmful chemical compounds. These particular suits work very well for industrial environments, and they're commonly used by law enforcement and emergency responders.

The CHEMMAX 3™ series is built with the latest technology, and when compared with some of the previous models, it should be viewed as a superior product. Although it's a very durable suit, it's also light enough to be worn all day. These suits are built to provide the wearer with an optimal balance of comfort and protection. The CHEMMAX 3™ coveralls serve as a barrier against a wide range of toxic chemicals, which is why they're especially useful for industrial environments.

They can protect your vulnerable body against chemical warfare, dual use and toxic industrial chemicals. Each garment is made with a multi-layer film, and it's applied to heavy polypropylene nonwoven. This combination of materials delivers great durability and strength. The CHEMMAX 3™ coveralls have a barrier film that is softer than other products and protects against harmful contaminants.

  • Made with multi-layer film and heavy polypropylene nonwoven
  • Designed after NATO shelter fabrics
  • Backed by chemical warfare test data
  • Protects against a variety of toxic industrial chemicals
  • Packed 6 per case
  • Prices shown are for cases
SKU ~ C3T130
ChemMax 3 Coverall
Hood, Elastic Wrists and Ankles
(6 per case)
ChemMAX™ is a trademark of Lakeland Industries, Inc.
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Sizing Chart
  Height Weight(lbs) Size
6'8" 240-300 4XL
6'6" 220-300 3XL/4XL
6'4" 180-280 2XL/3XL
6'2" 160-250 XL/2XL
6' 160-250 XL/2XL
5'10" 130-200 L/XL
5'8" 130-220 L/XL
5'6" 110-200 M/L
5'4" 110-180 S/M
5'2" 110-180 S/M
5' 110-140 S
This chart is a guide for garment selection, but proper fit varies with individual body shape and under-clothing.

Test for proper garment fit before use.

Garment performance depends on selecting appropriate size.


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