Chainsaw Hard Hat Safety Kit with Faceshield, Earmuff and Chinstrap

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The Chain Saw Safety Kit offers a full range of protection in a convenient package.
The chainsaw hard hat safety kits are ideal for workers who use chainsaws. Many workers don’t realize just how dangerous chainsaws can be. Although they serve as very effective cutting tools, chainsaws can be quite unpredictable. When handled incorrectly, they produce a condition called kickback, which consists of the blade kicking back towards the worker.

Hundreds of workers have lost limbs because of this dangerous scenario, and there have even been several accidental deaths caused by chainsaws. Workers should always wear the proper protection while handling powerful cutting tools. For optimal safety, you should wear a face shield, chin strap and earmuff.

The ERB chainsaw hard hat safety kit contains the important equipment that you need to stay safe. It contains a mesh face shield, goggles, hard hat attachment, chin strap and Omega II orange hard hat. Since the hard hat has a ratchet suspension, you can make size adjustments quickly.

If your work requires you to use a chainsaw or similar cutting tools, it doesn’t make sense to purchase different pieces of safety gear separately. These kits contain the core pieces of safety gear. The included Omega II Mega ratchet safety helmet meets ANSI Type 1, Class C, G and E requirements. The mesh face screen protects against flying debris, and the earmuff attachment fits into accessory slots.

  • Soft cotton chin strap is durable and elastic for superior control and comfort
  • Anti-fog goggles enhance vision and safety
  • Earmuff attachment helps to preserve your hearing
  • Steel mesh face screen protects against flying debris
  • Omega II hard hat protects against falling tree limbs and debris
  • Omega II™ Mega Ratchet Safety Helmet (Orange) meets ANSI Z89.1 - 2014, Type 1, Class C, E and G requirements.
  • Model 400 Steel Mesh Face Screen provides protection from flying debris and meets the requirements of ANSI Z7-S 1992
  • Visor Carrier Attachment has resilient cam-lock feature that holds the face screen in place
  • Deluxe Ear Muff Attachment fits into accessory slots of helmet and meets ANSI S3.19 requirements. NRR 23
  • Perforated Anti-Fog Goggle has a polycarbonate lens and flexible vinyl frame for secure fit.
  • Chin Strap made of durable soft cotton blend elastic provides comfort and control

SKU ~ 14371   Chainsaw
Hard Hat Safety Kit
With Faceshield
Earmuff And Chinstrap


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