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Bouton Clip On Safety Glass Side Shields

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Safety glasses can protect your eyes and prevent serious injuries. When worn correctly, they’ll prevent flying objects from striking your delicate eyes, and by shielding your eyes from impact, they can even prevent blindness.

Unfortunately, the level of protection that you get from standard safety glasses isn’t always enough. Standard glasses can be quite narrow and leave huge gaps on the sides of your face. Flying debris can find their way into these gaps and injure your eyes.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to consider getting some Bouton clip-on side shields. These are some of the most economical slip-on side shields that we carry. They’re ideal for situations that call for extra peripheral protection.

To install these shields, all that you have to do is weave the arms of your glasses through the two slots in the shields, and you’ll get a great fit. Although they’re very useful, these side shields don’t meet OSHA Z87.1 regulations, so they shouldn’t be used for environments that call for Z87.1 protection. The bouton clip-on side shields are very simple, functional and affordable.


  • Provides great peripheral protection
  • Simple design delivers easy installation
  • Not approved for OSHA Z87.1
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Bouton Clip On
Side Shields


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