Blue Denim Sleeves, 18 inch Sleeves SINGLE (EACH)

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Denim 18 inch Sleeves
The Denim 18-inch sleeves that are feature on this page are sold in packs of 12. When compared with some of the other materials used to make sleeves, denim is higher quality. These heavy-duty denim sleeves deliver superior protection and comfort, and you get these benefits at a very affordable price point.

The sleeves are made from pre-shrunk denim, and since they can be laundered, there is nothing wrong with using them repeatedly. The heavy-duty sleeves on this page are frequently used for carpentry, industry, construction and maintenance.

From point to point, these products measure 18 inches, so they’re designed for a great fit and leave plenty of room for comfort. To give the wearer an optimal fit, there is elastic on each end. The sleeve colors can be dark or royal blue.

Due to the manufacturing process, the coloring of every batch can be slightly mixed. These products are sold in cases of 12, so there are six pairs in every case. If you need heavy-duty protection that you can’t get from weaker materials, these sleeves are worth considering. Denim is a very strong material and can hold up to a staggering amount of abuse.
  • Pre-shrunk for better fit
  • Comfortable and strong
  • Can be laundered
  • Great for carpentry, construction and maintenance work
  • 22 inches from point to point
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18 inch Sleeves



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