Allegro Economy Contour Knee Pad

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allegro-logl.jpg Allegro®
Economy Contour
Knee Pad
If you need high-quality knee pads but don't want to pay too much for them, consider our Allegro® economy contour knee pads. These pads feature a low profile, lightweight design. The outer foam layer has a thickness of half an inch.

These knee pads have spring back memory, so they offer more comfort than comparable products. For extra absorption, each pad is lined with absorbent material. To reduce the risk of slippage, the Allegro® economy knee pads have a ribbed kneeling surface. They feature Velcro® straps, so you can get the stability that you need to stay safe while on the job.

The Velcro® straps also increase comfort and create a custom fit. These knee pads are sold by the pair, and although they're inexpensive, they don't compromise on quality. With a soft interior, these pads will keep your knees comfortable, so you can make it through long shifts.

The Allegro® economy contour knee pads will conform to the shape of each knee, so they deliver a custom fit and inexpensive protection. They're some of the cheapest knee pads that we carry but deliver many of the same features that our expensive products offer.
Features Include:
  • Features a low-profile, lightweight design
  • Flexible spring back memory
  • Thick outer foam layer
  • Lined for additional absorption
  • Ribbed kneeling surface reduces the risk of slippage
  • Built-in Velcro™ straps deliver a custom fit
  • Usually ships in one day from California
SKU ~ AL-7100-02
Economy Contour
Knee Pad
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