Allegro Bitrex Fit Kit

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Allegro® Bitrex™
Fit Kit
The Allegro® Bitrex™ fit kit is one of our best kits for respirator testing. Since it's an all-in-one kit, it contains everything that you need for accurate test results. You can purchase this kit to make sure your organization is in compliance with OSHA requirements.

It works great for disposable and reusable face masks, and the way that it works guarantees great results. Since it uses the Bitrex™ odor, the odor is able to penetrate a respirator that doesn't fit correctly. The odor has an extremely bitter taste, which will find its way through a mask that doesn't fit correctly.

When compared with some other testing agents, the Bitrex™ is a safer testing agent and produces the same results. With the Bitrex™ test kit, you can perform anywhere from three to five tests with a single tube. There are also replacement parts available.

This is one of the best test kits that we carry, and it uses an agent that is safer than Saccharin. You can use this kit to quickly test respirators and make sure your organization is OSHA compliant. Each tube lets you test up to five respirators, and you can always order replacement parts.
Features Include:
  • Great for testing disposable and reusable face masks
  • Bitrex™ odor tastes foul and makes testing easier
  • Safer than using the Saccharin testing agent
  • Check three to five respirators with a single tube
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Allegro® Bitrex™
Fit Kit


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