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Air Soft Semi-Perm Earplugs Without Cords (100 Count)

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Howard Leight®
Air Soft™
Semi-Perm Earplugs
(100 Count)
Multiple-Use AirSoft®
Optimized for comfort...
The AirSoft™ semi-perm earplugs on this page are different than some of our other products because they dont have cords. With each order, you get a box of 100 pairs, so you'll have enough for the whole work crew. These are multiple-use AirSoft™ corded earplugs, and they feature a bright red poly cord.

Since the cord is colored bright red, you're much less likely to misplace these earplugs. These are some of the best earplugs that we carry, and they feature an advanced air pocket design with fins for noise blocking. To create a stronger seal within our ear canal, these earplugs have a four-flange profile.

They also place less pressure inside of the ear canal, so you won't feel like your ears are severely plugged. The AirSoft™ semi-perm earplugs have rounded flanges, and for a better fit inside of the ear canal, they have a tapered shape.

For the easiest removal and insertion, these earplugs have a firm stem. If you're looking for superior protection against loud noises, these are some of the best plugs available. The Howard Leight® AirSoft™ earplugs are designed for optimal comfort inside of the ear and can be worn for several hours at a time.
  • Cord is colored bright red for greater visibility
  • Air pocket design and four-flange profiles creates strong seal and increases comfort
  • Internal fins block noise
  • Places less pressure on ear canal and prevents ears from feeling plugged
  • Firm stem makes removal and insertion much easier
  • Highest attenuation for multiple-use earplugs
NRR 27 Class A
|SNR 30|SLC80 17 dB/Class 2

Howard Leight®
Air Soft™
Semi-Perm Earplugs
(100 Count)
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