3M Respirator Training & Fit Testing Case

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3m-logo.gif 3M® FT-10™

Respirator Training
Fit Testing Case
We carry several respirator testing kits, and there are some slight differences between each kit. The The 3M® respirator training and fit testing case is a whole kit, and it even comes with a carrying case. You can transport it almost anywhere and use it to test respirators.

It comes with all of the 3M® testing equipment needed to get the job done, and the greatest advantage is the wealth of training materials. This kit comes with the posters, videos and training materials needed to accurately test respirators for the proper fit.

The carrying case that this kit comes with is durable and prolongs the life of the kit. If you were looking for a great kit and needed the testing literature to go along with it, this is a great product to consider. You can use these fit testing kits to make sure your organization meets important OSHA requirements for respirator testing.

The kit works well for testing disposable face masks and reusable respirators. With every purchase, you'll get a fit testing hood, administrative respiratory protection guide, 3M® respirator fitting posters and 3M® universal fitting instruction video. You even get a durable case, so you'll have a safe place to store all of the essential components.
  • Test respirators and make sure that your organization is OSHA compliant
  • Great for testing face masks and reusable respirators
  • Includes durable case for safe storage
  • Comes with all components needed for testing
FT-20™ Kit Includes:
  • A durable case that includes all FT-10 materials including (FT-11,
  • FT-12, FT-13, FT-14 & FT-15). Listed Above
  • Fit Testing Hood
  • 3M Universal fitting instruction video,
  • 3M respirator fitting posters,
  • Administrative respiratory protection guide

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3M®  FT-20
Respirator Training
Fit Testing Case
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