3M Respirator Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-10

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3m-logo.gif 3M®
Respirator Qualitative
Fit Test Apparatus
Without the right testing, it can be very difficult to get a respirator to fit. Our 3M® respirator qualitative fit test apparatus FT-10™ is a great product for testing how well a respirator fits. This testing equipment comes with the required equipment and booklet.

It has been designed to meet specific OSHA fit testing requirements for reusable respirators. When used correctly, this kit can test a respirator and make sure it's properly fitted. When a respirator doesn't fit correctly, it will not protect against hazardous particulates in a workplace.

The FT-10™ kit comes with everything that you need to perform testing. It comes with the instruction booklet, sensitivity solution, two nebulizers, a collar assembly and fit testing hood. There are a few other parts that you'll get with this kit, but they haven't been named. We recommend this kit for the food and beverage industry, military applications, construction and automotive manufacturing.

If you're looking for a reliable way to test your respirators, this kit can handle the job for you. Since it provides reliable results, you can trust that it will make your respirators suitable for various environments. If it doesn't protect you from particulate matter, a respirator is nearly useless.
  • Commonly used for the construction and automotive manufacturing industries
  • Comes with all of the parts needed for accurate testing
  • Designed to meet OSHA fit testing requirements for respirators painting
Fit Test Features Include:
  • Carton QTY: 1/Box.
  • Instruction Booklet,
  • Sensitivity Solution (FT-11)
  • Fit Test Solution (FT-12)
  • Two nebulizers (FT-13)
  • One Fit Testing Hood (FT-14)
  • One collar assembly (FT-15)
  • Two sets replacement nebulizer inserts.
  • Item #13597 is a sweet testing agent

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Respirator Qualitative
Fit Test Apparatus
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