360 Degree Wrap Around Stickers for Hard Hats (All Colors)

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360° Wrap Arounds
If you want to stay safe while working, it’s crucial to pay attention to visibility. Every year, a number of workers are struck by vehicles and killed. Some of these workers were holding signs and directing traffic when the accident occurred. Others were walking along a construction worksite. However, accidents can occur anywhere, but they’re much more common in low-light conditions.

Adequate visibility is the key to staying safe while working in hazardous environments. By default, most hard hats are designed with colors that make them as visible as possible. The problem is that a standard hard hat doesn’t always provide enough visibility.

Our 360-degree wraparound stickers for hard hats are the solution. These stickers are designed to take on and beat the problem of low visibility. With a wraparound design, they can be applied to every side of the hard hat, which means they’re able to make any worker significantly more visible. Since these stickers dramatically improve visibility, they’re exceptionally beneficial for night workers.

By increasing visibility, the stickers can help to prevent night flaggers and construction workers from getting hit by motor vehicles. To make sure our customers get what they need, we carry these reflective wraparound stickers in fluorescent lime, orange, white and silver.

Many other reflective stickers are made to be applied to a single side of a hard hat. With the wraparound design, these stickers deliver significantly more coverage. Since they’re made for hard hats, these stickers are manufactured from high-quality materials.

Every sticker is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, which include heavy rain, snow and wind. They can even withstand abrasive particles, such as sand and dust. Since these elements are quite common in construction zones, the ERB reflective hard hat stickers are ideal for construction, airport and utility workers.
  • High visibility, excellent for night workers
  • For placement on all sides of helmet
  • Available in Fluorescent Lime, Orange or Silver
  • Hard Hat sold separately
SKU ~ 15968   360° Wrap Around Stickers
for Hard Hats


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