360 Degree Wrap Around Sticker for Hard Hat ~ (SILVER)

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360° Wrap Arounds
Silver Color
When you think of workplace safety, visibility should be the first word that you think of. The link between visibility and safety is very strong. A large percentage of workplace accidents are the results of low visibility. Stormy weather can cause a huge drop in visibility.

Two common weather conditions that reduce visibility are rain and fog. Regardless of the cause, you should do everything possible to make sure you can see while working. However, your fellow coworkers should also be able to see you. Our 360-degree wrap around stickers for hard hats make it very easy to increase visibility.

These stickers are designed with bright fluorescent colors, so they’ll help you stay visible while working. Since they’re made to wrap around the diameter of your hard hat, they cover a large portion of the hat. By default, most hard hats are manufactured in visible colors, but there will be times when a standard hard hat just isn’t enough.

The wraparound stickers for hard hats are ideal for night workers because they make workers more visible. These stickers are designed to cover every side of your hard hat, and they’re available in fluorescent Orange, Lime and White and Silver colors. If you’re a night worker or frequently work in low-visibility conditions, these stickers have the potential to save your life.
  • Increase worker visibility quickly and efficiently
  • Designed to cover every side a hard hat
  • Available in fluorescent orange, silver and white colors
  • Ideal for night workers and low-visibility work environments
  • High visibility, excellent for night workers
  • Hard Hat sold separately
SKU ~ 15969
360° Wrap Around Stickers
for Hard Hats
(Silver Color)


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