Types of Cotton Work Gloves

Different Gloves for Different Projects - Which are the Best to Use?


Did you know that there's six primary different styles of cotton gloves, each of which is ideally suited for a different usage scenario? If you've been buying the standard style of "one size fits all" cotton gloves at your local hardware store, you might have been unknowingly making your work or hobby activities more difficult than they need to be. Buy using the right style of glove, not only will your hands be better protected, you'll find that your dexterity is remarkably increased while working - and that means getting your job done faster and more efficiently.

Note that gloves often combine two or more features outlined below (so for example, you could have hotmill gloves with the enhanced grip of dotted gloves).

Cotton Glove Category: String Gloves

String gloves are the most common type of cotton glove. These kinds of gloves are all-purpose, which means that they're great in a pinch or for jobs which haven't been fully defined. Look out for different gauge ratings, which refer to the number of stitches per inch - a higher number is generally indicative of a better quality glove.

Cotton Glove Category: Dotted or Coated Gloves

These kinds of cotton gloves have a dot-style pattern or other kind of textured coating which is added to enhance the wearer's grip. The texture is usually present on both the palm and the fingers of the glove.

Cotton Glove Category: Jersey Gloves

Made to be comfortable, jersey gloves are generally available in darker colors and are intended to be used in work that involves light abrasion. These are ideal for outdoor work that involves dirt, such as landscaping.

Cotton Glove Category: Chore Gloves

Chore gloves have a cotton shell around them, which makes them more robust for light duty style applications. They usually are made with a lining to increase the wearer's comfort as well as to increase airflow so that they aren't quite as hot to wear due to the shell.

Cotton Glove Category: Hotmill Gloves

Hotmill gloves are ideal for scenarios that involve moderate heat exposure over an extended period of time. While not fireproof, hotmill gloves are designed with multiple layers to protect against heat. Some styles of hotmill gloves come equipped with a liner that traps hot or warm air and acts as an insulator.

Cotton Glove Category: Terry Gloves

Terry gloves are commonly available in most hardware stores. These general-purpose gloves can provide the wearer with a small degree of heat and abrasion resistance.