Terrycloth Glove w/ Knit Wrist (Sold by Dozen)

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Terrycloth Gloves
With Knit Wrist
Our terrycloth gloves have knit wrists, and they're sold by the dozen. These gloves are sold in sizes for men and women, and they're excellent products for construction workers. They feature seamless loop construction, and to keep unwanted objects out, they're made with knit wrists.

The wrists also help to give the wearer a better fit. These gloves are great for a variety of applications because they're cut resistant, flexible, comfortable and durable. They also happen to be very affordable, so you can stock up and purchase as many pairs as you need.

The terrycloth gloves aren't specifically designed for carrying hot objects, but they do provide some level of heat resistance. They're commonly used for agricultural work, general maintenance, general industrial work and construction. One reason why these gloves are quite popular is because they offer decent cut resistance.

Since they're also very affordable, it's hard to go wrong with our terrycloth gloves with knit wrists. We sell these products by the dozen, and they're ideal for men or women. If you're looking for economical gloves that offer decent heat and cut resistance, these are top products to consider.
Features and Notes
  • Made with knit wrists to keep unwanted items out
  • Durable and flexible
  • Can be worn for long periods of time
  • Offers decent cut and heat resistance
  • Commonly used for construction and general industrial work

  • Avalible in Men's and Women' sizes.
  • Prices shown are per dozen.
  • General Industrial Work
  • Light Heat Protection
  • General Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Cut Resistance
Terrycloth Gloves
With Knit Wrist
(Sold by Dozen)


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