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Why You Should Consider Custom Imprinting on Your Company’s Safety Vests

Aug 13th 2018

Safety vests are worn by those engaged in work that requires them to be extra visible to others. Those in the workplace need to be identified easily and quickly in conditions so that other parties can see them, thereby eliminating or reducing the chance of an accident. It’s sensible to wear a safety vest when there are large moving vehicles on a construction site, when its often dark, and when security is a concern. As we shall see, properly branded safety vests can be a great asset to a company.

safety vestsWhen it comes to branding, custom imprinting on the company’s safety vests is something that all big companies are seen doing. The advantages range from making other parties alert that someone wearing the safety vest is part of the construction/manufacturing activity and not a third party, to offer a better feeling of morale and a safe environment for the workers. Wearing a custom made safety vests is another way to prevent a corporate spy and eliminate opportunities for unwelcome intruders.

On a general note, workers wearing custom safety vests feel more like part of the company and it is easy for colleagues to identify them. This is especially true when many workers are working together on a large site, and there is otherwise little connection between each other. Custom imprinting on a company’s safety vests with a logo of the company brings a sense of unity. The process develops a spirit of teamwork.

Choosing different printed vests for different roles can make it clear who is in charge and what everyone’s responsibilities are. It makes it easier to see from afar when someone might be overstepping their boundaries. Different color printed safety vests could be used for different security clearance levels, so if you see someone wearing an orange safety vest in a section of the company reserved for white safety vests, you can immediately know something is amiss.

Design your own Safety Vests

At a time when there are big developments in digital technology making it easier to design custom contents and transfer the same to wearable devices (t-shirts, hard hats, etc.), it also makes sense to custom imprint a company logo on the company’s safety vests. In fact, as safety vests are interchangeable, they can represent a better investment than other personalized safety gear. When an employee moves on or a safety vest gets damaged through wear and tear, it is simple to replace.

One can use software such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to design a customized image that we can then transfer to your wearable items. One of the decisions that a company needs to take is whether to do this job in-house or select outside vendors for the same. You will find that dedicated companies that customize safety vests will be able to offer a higher quality product at a better price. Whether the process is done in-house or outsourced, one thing that is certain is an addition of cost that should be justified by overall return in terms of more safety and higher motivation.

When it comes to measuring the financial impact of implementing customized imprinting of safety devices, while the cost associated can be easily ascertained following the basic rules of cost accounting, the return-on-investment is harder to quantify. There is no way to determine how much more productive the workforce becomes because of customized safety vests.

Implementing Custom Imprinted Safety Vests in the Workplace

Custom Imprinted Safety VestsSome companies keep the branding simple as overuse may actually distract the attention of fellow workers while on work defeating the whole purpose of increased security. While working on a global scale, it is for the multinational company to ensure that the customized safety vests they are offering for a region conform to local customs. Also consider all of the different sizes of workers or visitors who might one day need to wear one of your custom safety vests. Avoid the embarrassment of not having a safety vest that fits them by keeping a store of custom safety vests in all sizes.

One of the hurdles when implementing the personalization of safety vests is that those in the upper echelons of the company often find it above them to use such devices. Safety vests are for laborers and not for CEOs? This is outdated thinking; wearing a safety vest will not only keep you safe on the worksite but show your employees that you are all in it together.

Proper consultation with all the stakeholders including top managers, supervisors, and field level staff who will be actually wearing the safety vests should be done before a large order. Making use of right color that enhances security is a field of psychology and a psychologist could also be consulted.

When designing the final customized wearable vests, it is advisable to do things in parts. For instance, instead of finalizing an order of ten thousand customized safety vests, start with a prototype of one hundred hats implemented in a particular section of the workforce. Let the experience be observed for a week or two before taking the final decision on ordering all the ten thousand hats. This process reduces the cost which otherwise should have been incurred if, say, the initially designed vests were ultimately hard to read or uncomfortable. In the next batch, deficiencies can be addressed.

An anonymous survey regarding how the workforce actually wearing the customized safety vests should be conducted. This is to ensure that those wearing the vests can give feedback without worry.

In conclusion, there are many small reasons to implement custom safety vests in your company, from improved security to better morale, to consistent marketing and brand awareness. Custom imprinted safety vests pay for themselves almost immediately.