Staying Safe in the Heat

Staying Safe in the Heat

Jul 3rd 2018

Summer is here and the heat is up in the triple digits. It's important to stay safe in this heat to avoid heat sickness and fatigue which can lead to more accidents.

To avoid these issues, it’s important to follow these five rules.

  1. Hydrate- the easiest way to avoid heat-related issues is to drink lots of water. Crew members need to have access to plenty of water so they can stay hydrated. When our bodies are hydrated, we are able to acclimate to the heat better and stay mentally sharp.
  2. Smart Scheduling- knowing the hottest part of the day is normally around 3:00, try to schedule more strenuous work during other parts of the day. This won’t always be possible due to the nature of the project, but planning around hotter and cooler parts of the day can spare crews from extraneous work.
  3. Light Lunches- eating a big heavy lunch will cause the body to spend extra energy digesting all that food, which means the body will have less energy to keep cool. By eating a big breakfast, crew members can get away with eating a lighter lunch and stay cooler.
  4. Educate Crews- every crew member needs to know the signs of heat stress so they can know when they are experiencing it and spot it with their fellow crew members. Watching out for one another will catch heat-related symptoms before they turn into problems.
  5. Plan for the Worst- job sites need to have a first aid kit with supplies to treat heat exhaustion. It’s also important to have a plan in place to administer treatment. This can include sitting down in the shade or air conditioning and pushing fluids.

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