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Pyramex Hard Hats Offer Excellent Protection

Jul 16th 2018

Why Pyramex?

Pyramex manufactures and supplies a variety of hard hats for professional and personal use. All hard hats supplied by Pyramex are designed to meet ANSI regulations as well as Canadian CSA standards. The hard hats supplied are made affordable for every worker in the field. These products are well designed for comfort and they are rigorously field-tested. With several different shapes and designs, Pyramex hard hats are not only an excellent choice for all demographics, but these hard hats are customizable with names, logos, and personalized images. We offer bulk discounts to get your company or crew looking professional for every project small and large.

Pyramex Hard Hats Fitted for Comfort

Pyramex supplies hard hats with four-point suspensions and six-point suspensions so you can properly fit your easily adjustable safety equipment. These hard hats are designed to fit comfortably on all shapes and sizes of head.

The impact resistant full brim hard hat can reduce glare on sunny days and better protect an individual in the event of an impact.

After continuous hours of wear and tear, Pyramex hard hats always get the job done. Ratchet suspension style hard hats adjust easily on the go and maintain long-lasting comfort. Ratchet suspension is necessary for quick and easy adjustment on the go.

Pyramex hard hats are available in hat sizes from 6.5- to eight inches and only weigh around one and a half pounds. After a hard day in the field, these hats are entirely washable and replacement pads can be included for long-term use.

Pyramex Safety First Design

Pyramex hard hats are made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material. This material is a thermoplastic resin specifically formulated for its lightweight strength and durability. High-performance materials produce the best results in dangerous situations.

The best part about Pyramex hard hats is the complete coverage these products provide. Pyramex provides top of the line products at a great price because they know what your workforce needs and expects. The use of Pyramex hard hats will get your company and crew up to code all while keeping them safe.

Choosing the Pyramex Hard Hat That Works Best for You

There are slight variations when it comes to hard hats and hard hat design. It is important that you choose the most appropriate hard hat for the job every time.

Some hard hats have more of a baseball cap design. This product by Pyramex is called the Ridgeline Cap Style hard hat. The Ridgeline Cap Style hard hat is slightly higher along the ear line and maintains a brim along the front side of the hard hat only. These hard hats have swinging hinge points to help with timely adjustments in all situations. They are great to throw on for a quick walkthrough of any project. Due to the relatively low cost of these products, the Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat is an excellent product to have multiples of. These hard hats can be very useful to have on hand in the event project guests arrive. The Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat comes in many different colors, textures, and is customizable for all desired looks.

Pyramex also supplies a Full Brim Ridgeline Hard Hat. This style of hard hat is supplied with a four-point or six-point ratchet suspension system. The full brim Pyramex Ridgeline hard hat is ideal for employees and individuals that require the most complete form of protection during the workday. Full brim hard hats provide better impact protection and can increase protection from the elements, sun glare, and sunburn.

The Pyramex Ridgeline full brim design is slightly pricier, but by spending only a little bit more you can rest assured you will be prepared for the job. With higher impact resistance, Pyramex is pleased to provide the full brim hard hat in all colors, textures, and customizable options.

Hard Hat Accessory Options

Hard hats can be required for a variety of reasons in a variety of situations. It is safe to say that depending on the job and job requirements, hard hats are used for a multitude of reasons. That is exactly why Pyramex supplies several different hard hat accessories.

A couple of the Pyramex hard hat accessories options available are hard hat earmuff attachments, and Pyramex face shields. These products allow for complete protection from a variety of dangerous situations.

Pyramex hard hat adaptors are made from aluminum and nylon. These adaptors can be applied to the cap style hard hats and the full brim hard hats. The adaptors are required for mounting a face shield to the hard hat. The hard hat face shield can protect you from a barrage of materials and chemicals in many applications.

The Pyramex hard hat earmuff attachment meets ANSI SE.19 requirements to protect in the most extreme noise environments. It is always important to understand an industrial work environment and protect your hearing in an industrial way. Like most other products, the Pyramex hard hat earmuff attachment usually ships within one business day. This product should not be overlooked.

The Popularity of Pyramex

Pyramex is capable of providing an excellent product at an excellent price. This comes from the proven ability to produce a product that meets the needs and standards of its environment. Pyramex hard hats are supplied in many custom colors, textures, and designs that maintain the highest in safety standards.

Pyramex takes great pride in its hard hat protection, and has performed extensive testing to ensure impact resistance and durability. There is a reason Pyramex is a very well know name and continues to provide a great product time and time again. With many different styles for comfort and work performance, Pyramex hard hats are an excellent choice for any workforce.