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Customize Your Hard Hats

Jun 8th 2018

It’s not often that one can improve safety, morale and the business image all at one time. With hard hat customization, all these things and more are possible. First, one can start with the basic hard hat and make it something truly unique with hydro dipped hard hat designs. Secondly, name decals, logos, team colors, and accessories can be added to bolster morale while getting free advertising for every head in the crowd. The possibilities are as endless as they are creative. Adding a little flair while making good safety and business sense is a win-win for any business enterprise.

Hydro Dipped Hard Hats: A Safety Conscience Art Gallery of Its Own

To start, hydro dipped hard hats get the conventions hard hat out of the doldrums in a big way. Rembrandt and Picasso would envy the choices and creative expression that is available to make a company unique in a field of yellow, orange, and white that is typically found at construction or work site. The imagination is the only limitation when it comes to hydro dipped hard hats. The choices available would rival even the finest art gallery, as there are patterns for everything from abstract art to a company logo presented in a compelling and tasteful way. These hard hats feature breathtaking graphics while not sacrificing safety in the least.

hydro dipped hard hat

When it comes to hydro dipped hard hats, there is a pattern for virtually anyone’s taste. Marketing-minded companies can have their company logo featured in an appealing 360-degree custom hydro dipped design.

For the hunters in the crowd, there are a variety of camo designs in greens, browns, winter foliage, digital camo and other mixes that are as at home on the work site as they would be in a hunting lodge.

Beer connoisseurs will feel at home with a design that features common beer brand logos in a compelling blended form.

Bikers have several designs to choose from a stylish black carbon fiber design to a “hit the road” style that features flags, skulls, Maltese crosses and other biker motifs.

For the socially conscious minded worker, there are hard hats for cancer awareness, autism, cancer, and other social causes.

For the animal lovers, there are hard hats with wildlife motifs that range from tiger patterns to snakeskin or zebra-styled designs.

The patriotic worker will find American flag patterns, state pride, Army, Navy, POW, “Don’t Tread on Me,” M16 rifles, a modern soldier pattern and even those that support a particular leader. Streetlife patterns are available for the urban crowd with “Thug Life,” “Shaw Naughty Dirty,” and patterns featuring tattoos.

Those that prefer the feminine side of life have a variety of glamorous pink and purple styles to choose from including floral and “Muddy Girl” patterns. Even gamers are represented with a Grand Theft Auto design. Halloween and horror appreciators will love the zombies, bones, hades, guns, & skulls, masks of death and reaper skull designs.

The seemingly endless list goes on including designs that feature denim, cartoons, graffiti, hot rods, oil spills, “sticker bombs,” nuclear fallout, oilfield camo, raindrop, Route 66, Spider-Man, Superhero, Vegas, “Snake Venom,” and many, many other designs.

Given the wide and endless variety of hydro dipped hard hats, they have two things in common. They more than meet ANSI Standard Z89.1-2014 safety regulations and they offer styles that boost morale as well as the company image.

Additional Personalization, Customization, and Safety

In the effort to offer improved safety while bolstering pride, morale and the company image doesn’t stop with the hydro dipped hard hat. Name decals, additional logos, and accessories can be added to further personalize the design as well as improve its safety. Improved safety can be achieved with a variety of add-on customizations including identifying labels and reflective decals. Like the hydro-dipped hard hat offerings, the ability to add personal touches with additional decals is endless.

Safety comes first and hard hats are arguably one of the most important considerations. While the basic coverage of the head is of paramount importance, accessories can augment one’s safety in very important ways. No two heads are alike and protection for the eyes, hearing, neck, chin and weather conditions can be customized to fit individual needs.

For eye protection, there is a wide variety of face shields available for added protection from flying debris and glare. For hearing protection there is also a wide variety of earmuff attachments that keep the earmuff handy when needed and extendable when they are not. The back of the neck can also be a vulnerable area and a host of different neck shields are offered to keep that area protected and free from falling debris.

The weather is another important consideration. Whether it’s hot or cold, there are many hard hat accessories designed to make the worker more comfortable. On those hot days, there are Miracool Bandanas, neck shading products, hard hat shades, neck cooling wraps and sweatbands that help one get through a long hot day. On the other side of the weather, extreme cold weather hard hat accessories are available as well. Hard hat liners make those brutally cold days bearable with a wide selection of available styles, colors, and textures. Coverage areas can range from only the head to those that cover everything but the eyes. Camo, black, orange, blue, and other colors are available. Fleece, Sherpa, and other lining types are available including Occunomix varieties. Chin straps round off the attachments in a very important way: keeping the hat on the head. A variety of straps is available to customize one’s hard hat to that optimal level of comfort.

There are also many timesaving hard hat attachments that make things more handy, available, and identifiable. The attachments include pencil clips, goggle retainers, safety lights, and decals. Pencil clips keep that writing instrument readily available as an attachment on one’s hard hat that is easily within reach. Likewise, goggle retainers provide a handy strap that attaches to the hard hat and can be moved to rest on the brim when they are not needed. Safety lights provide illumination in dim lighting conditions that move with one’s head where the light is needed. Other safety lights illuminate the locations of workers to prevent accidents.

Last but not least are customizations that add flair and personal touches to one’s hard hat. First, one’s name can be affixed so that one can be identified for emergencies as well as getting to know other co-workers. Other adhesive solutions provide for added safety with reflective coatings that let others know when a worker is in the path of a moving vehicle or another obstacle at night. These decals come in a variety of styles including the “Mud Flap Girl,” “USA,” “Skull and Crossbones” and many other personalized designs.

No matter how one slices it, hard had customization is a winner at improving safety, worker morale, and company presence. Hard hat customization also benefits the worker in adding comfort that ultimately leads to improved productivity.