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10 Safety Products Your Company Needs

Jun 8th 2018

For business owners who are looking for the finest in personal safety equipment, such as gloves, safety vests, goggles, and other protective clothing for those working in industrial settings you need to look no further than Texas America Safety Company. Since 1992, T.A.S.C.O. has served the oil and gas industry with safety equipment and in 1996 we launched our website to distribute safety-related merchandise around the country and even around the globe.

Let’s look at a sampling of the items that T.A.S.C.O. has to offer.

Hard Hats


Staying safe on the job begins with wearing a quality hard hat. You can find many styles of hard hats with the comfort of Fas-Trac Suspension systems to keep you safe at work. Each hard hat sold complies fully with the latest ANSI/ISEA standards to ensure that you are protected by best-in-quality headgear.

Texas America Safety Company carries a complete selection of hard hats that are the first line of defense in personal safety. The hard hat selection is so diverse that you can pick out patriotic themes, sports teams, and other personalized touches that make each helmet your very own. You can also order a 360-degree Custom Hydro Dipped Design with your company logo on it.

First Aid Products

When you have an accident on a job site, you want to make sure that you have the very best in first aid products. A complete kit that contains tablets, compresses, bandages, and medicines should be readily available.

At T.A.S.C.O., you can get complete industrial station solutions that come in metal cabinets that are both durable and ensure that the contents are protected. All products are color coded to assure that they are easy to use in an emergency and each kit can be individualized to accommodate business sizes up to 200 people.

In addition to first aid stations, T.A.S.C.O. also sells emergency oxygen units, burn care kits, bloodborne pathogen kits that meet current OSHA regulations, CPR face-shield kits, and gloves to deal with potential bloodborne pathogens by first responders.

Fall Protection

All of the fall protection products that T.A.S.C.O. sells comply with ANSI Z359 Standards. At T.A.S.C.O., you can get safety harnesses, retractable lanyards, and even confined space systems. Newly added items include roof anchors, tie off slings, and safety carabiners for those who are working in the roofing industry. The purpose of these kits is to prevent workers from falling while working at heights above ground level.

Ergonomic Safety Products

Let’s not ignore the impact of heavy industrial work on the bodies of the workers. T.A.S.C.O. carries a full line of products that protect workers from the stress of repetitive tasks. You can find anti-vibration gloves, industrial back supports, elbow supports, knee pads, knee supports, and wrist supports. All of these are top quality items that will protect your workers from potentially devastating injuries on the job.

Hearing Protection

Potential exposure to repeated loud noises can lead to a degradation of hearing in workers who are not protected. T.A.S.C.O. offers a full line of hearing protection that includes earplugs and muffs that provide insurance against hearing loss caused by loud construction equipment and noisy environments. High attenuation ear muffs are available that integrate with safety hard hats.

Protective Clothing

The correct clothing can be indispensable in creating a safe work environment for workers. For those in the paint industry, disposable coveralls are available that will protect workers from over-spray. They can be purchased made from the latest in DUPONT Tyvek, which is superior in wear and tear performance. For those workers who are working in potentially flammable environments, there are coveralls available in multiple colors that are flame resistant.

Safety Glasses

Protecting the eyes of workers is paramount since 90% of all feedback to the human sensory system is through the optic nerves. T.A.S.C.O. has many different styles of lenses and safety glasses that can keep workers safe and stylish on the job. Choose from a variety of frames from multiple vendors. For those who have to have top quality eye protection, goggles are the go-to choice. These top-quality lenses and comfortably fitting frames from manufacturers such as Pyramex and UVEX will keep your workers safe on the job. You can also get welding goggles.

Safety Respirators

The standard for respirators on the job site is N95. T.A.S.C.O. carries a full line on N95 NIOSH compliant respirators from top manufacturers such as 3M. We have masks that can be used for different applications such as painting as well as for prevention of the spread of airborne pathogens on the job site. Job sites that contractors encounter each day are filled with a variety of airborne pollutants such as asbestos dust, mold, spores, drywall dust, and just plain old dust. A good fitting high-quality safety mask is the only line of defense on the job site against these enemies.


It’s important on a job site that all workers are aware of the presence of their fellow employees. Safety vests serve the purpose of announcing in bright colors exactly where everyone is. The safety vests are available in flame resistant as well as highly reflective striping for use in low light illumination situations. These vests are commonly used by constructions workers but are also extremely useful for first responders, utility workers, and traffic operators. By having your workers wear these vests, you can make it very easy to tell who belongs on the work site.

Work Gloves

Workers generally work with their hands and gloves are paramount to protecting this greatest asset. T.A.S.C.O. offers hundreds of different types of gloves for all situations that can be encountered on the work site. They are available in cotton, leather, rubber, flame, and heat resistant PVC coatings, and fleece lined for warmth.

For the very best in variety and personalization in safety equipment, companies around the world have trusted T.A.S.C.O. to provide for them since 1996. Try browsing the products for yourself and you’ll see why we’re one of the top suppliers of safety equipment in the country.