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Disposable Shoe Covers

Texas America Safety Company offers many different types of disposable shoe covers. We carry polypropylene shoe covers for the typical clean up around the house; as well as, boot covers to wear on the job site. Lastly, we offer non skid and waterproof shoe covers for the medical industry as well. Feel free to browse around with the products below. Most disposable booties are drop shipped from the factory within 1 business day.

 Standard Blue Shoe Covers 

This is the standard inexpensive blue shoe covers. Comes in two sizes and packed 150 pair per case. One of our best low cost disposable shoe cover

 Standard White Disposable Booties 

Also available is the standard white disposable booties. One of our most popular disposable shoe cover

 Polypropylene Non Skid Shoe Covers 

Polypropyene non skid shoe covers have a light waffle pattern sole to help prevent slips and falls.

 Polypropylene Boot Covers 

The Polypropylene boot covers are a standard polypropylene material with a 13 inch tall design

 Heavy Duty Jumbo White Non Skid Shoe Covers 

This is the heavy duty Jumbo size shoe covers. Most popular for industrial appliations with non skid sole

 Heavy Duty Jumbo White Shoe Covers 

Another heavy duty Jumbo size shoe cover. Fits up to about a 14 shoe size

 DuPont Tyvek® White Shoe Covers 

The DuPont Tyvek® shoe covers are made with a stronger material that is more snag resistant. Comes packed 100 pair per case

 DuPont Tyvek FC® Friction Control Shoe Covers 

The Tyvek DuPont Tyvek® shoe cover with FC sole has a grey non side sole. The Tyvek® shoe covers fit up to about a size 14 shoe

 DuPont Tyvek® Boot Covers 

The DuPont Tyvek® boot covers measure 17 inches tall and provide more protection. Packed 50 pair per case

 DuPont Tyvek® Anti Skid Boot Covers 

This item is the taller Tyvek® Friction Control (FC) Boot Cover. Offers protection over the ankles

 Sunsoft Heavy Duty Medical Booties 

The SunsoftTM material is a lightweight spunbonded polypropylene fabric with a PE coating. This Bootie can handle light splashes and non linting for medical applications

 Sunsoft Impervious Jumbo Shoe Cover 

This is an impervious jumbo size shoe cover. For the person needing light liquid protection and with a large foot.

 Sunsoft Impervious Boot Cover with Waffle Sole 

The Sunsoft Boot Cover with waffle sole offers an 18 inch impervious boot cover with a non skid sole

 Sunsoft Anti Static Impervious Shoe Covers 

This shoe cover comes is anti static with an impervious water proof sole. Works great as a disposable medical shoe bootie and for non linting clean room applications

 Sunsoft Seemless Bottom Non Skid Shoe Covers 

This Sunsoft shoe cover is also an anti-staic shoe cover with imperious and skid resistant sole

 Plastic 4 Mil Plastic Boot Covers 

These covers are used to protect shoes and boots from dirty and/or harsh conditions. Works great as a low cost plastic water proof shoe cover

 Plastic 6 Mil Heavy Duty Boot Cover 

This 6 mil plastic boot cover is a heavy duty plastic shoe cover. The thicker plastic is much less prone to snags and tears in the material

 Plastic Boot Cover with Elastic Top 

This version of the plastic shoe cover has an inexpensive plastic material with elastic top.

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