Sunsoft Impervious 2 layer Jumbo Shoe Cover, Extra Tall, WHITE (150 Pair)

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Heavy Duty Shoe Covers
The Sunsoft™ material is a lightweight spunbonded polypropylene fabric with a polyethylene coating. The film coating is impervious, non-linting, and can handle splashes and moisture. In addition, the material is a strong fabric with excellent tensile and tear resistance.

Sunsoft™ regular size shoe covers fit about a size 10 shoe. XL sizes fit up to a size 11.5 shoe. Jumbo fit up to about a size 14 shoe.
The Sunrise® Sunsoft™ shoe covers are very popular because they offer greater durability than competing products. The products on this page our some of our top jumbo covers, and since they're extra tall and impervious, they'll work well for a variety of applications.

These are the two-layer covers, so they're ideal for heavy-duty applications. Each cover is made of Sunsoft™ material, which is a spun-bonded, lightweight polypropylene fabric. To improve the overall performance, each cover is treated with a polyethylene coating. The purpose of the coating is to improve durability and increase splash resistance.

The special coating gives the fabric non-linting and impervious properties. Since the polypropylene fabric already has excellent tensile strength, the special coating serves to further enhance an already great material. We carry several different shoe covers on our site, and these are some of the most popular covers that we stock.

With a jumbo design, they're especially useful for individuals who wear a larger shoe size. They're quite a bit taller than many of our other shoe covers, so they deliver a greater level of protection. You can purchase these products in cases of 150 pairs, and they're colored white.
  • Great tensile strength
  • Jumbo design for large shoe sizes
  • Extra tall for more protection
  • White color
  • Two layers of protection
  • Prices shown are per case.
  • Usually ships in 1 Day from Alabama

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Sunsoft™ Impervious 2 Layer
Jumbo Shoe Cover, Extra Tall
(150 Pair)


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  • 5
    Perfect for use in clinical setting

    Posted by Unknown on May 8th 2020

    Great shoe covers. They are tall enough to completely cover shoe and are slip and fluid resistant.