Polypropylene Shoe Covers, Blue Plain (150 pair)

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Polypropylene Shoe Covers
Blue Plain
You'll find our blue polypropylene shoe covers on this page, and they're almost identical to our other shoe covers, but they're the plain versions. These shoe covers are sold in cases of 150 pairs, and they're designed for usability and economy.

Our polypropylene shoe covers are very popular with our customers. The polypropylene material is great because it works very well in grimy and dusty environments. It's one of the best materials for walk-in traffic because it prevents workers from tracking dirt onto indoor carpet.

Although we carry the non-skid versions, the covers on this page are the plain versions, so they don't have the anti-skid properties. It's important to know that the polypropylene material is ideal for dry environments. It's not recommended for wet conditions. If you need shoe covers for wet environments, you'll want to consider our Sunsoft or Tyvek materials.

Our plain polypropylene shoe covers are great for a variety of applications, and they're particularly beneficial when working around indoor carpet. They're commonly worn by general contractors and can be used in warehouses, clean rooms and food processing plants. When compared with some of the alternative materials, they offer greater dirt and grime resistance.
  • Plain version
  • Sold in cases of 150 pairs
  • Made for usability and economy
  • Polypropylene material works well for dirty environments
  • Keeps dirt off of indoor carpet
  • Not recommended for wet environments
  • 10 Pair Sample Packs available Click Here
  • Note:
    Polypropylene regular size shoe covers fit about a size 10 shoe. XL sizes fit up to a size 11.5 shoe. Jumbo sizes (below) fit up to about a size 14 shoe. When in doubt we recommend going a size larger.

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Polypropylene Shoe Covers
Blue Plain
(150 Pair)


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