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Patriotic Hard Hats

 MSA V-Gard with American Pride logo 

Be sure to check out the MSA American Pride Hard Hat. It is a top of the line hard hat with a patriotic theme. These hard hats are a work of art!!! MSA has outdone themselves!!

 MSA V-Gard with American Flag 

This is the MSA V-Gard cap style hard hat with an American Flag design all over the surface of the cap. The bright designs on the cap's .030-inch thick vacuum-formed glossy cover are very attractive and have a superior finish

 MSA Full Brim V-Gard with American Flag 

This is the MSA Full Brim Hard Hat with American Stars and Strip design. Show your patriotism with this unique and styish hard hat.

 MSA Full Brim V-Gard Brim with American Flag and 2 Eagles 

Check out the Full Brim MSA Freedom hard hat with the American Flag and 2 Eagle design. The design is a mylar shell that covers the entire full brim hard hat.

 MSA Full Brim V-Gard with Army ACU Camo Design 

The full brim hard hat features an Army Combat Uniform (ACU) pattern. The pattern is heat sealed onto a regular MSA full Brim hard hat. One of our most popular hard hats.

 MSA V-Guard with American Stars and Stripes 

This is the standard cap style MSA Patriotic Hard hat. It comes with the Stars in the back of the hat, and the wavy lines in the front.
One of our favorite USA hard hats

 MSA V-Guard with Dual American Flag on Both Sides 

The Dual Flag hard hat is another popular Patriotic Hard hat. This cap style hard hat comes with the waving American Flag on both sides of the hat

 MSA Cap Style ACU Camouflage Hard Hat 

The MSA Camouflage hard hat comes with the digital ACU pattern on the entire outer surface of the hat.
This design is modeled after the US Army Combat Uniform.
Meets OSHA regulations as a type 1 hard hat

 Omega II American Flag Cap Style Hard Hat 

This Omega II cap style hard hat has an American Imprint on both sides of the hard hat. Simple and economical way to show your patriotism.

 Storm Safety Glasses with American logo 

Combining all the fine features of the Crews Storm(r) safety glasses in a popular American flag and colors theme

 Max USA Red White Blue Earplugs by Howard Leight 

We also carry a Red/White/ and Blue set of Howard Leight Earplugs. Called the Max-USA earplugs they proudly show our nations colors and offer top of the line hearing protection

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