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WorkMaster Harness (Three D-ring) Large Size

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Elk River®
WearMaster™ Harness
1 D-Ring ~ Large Size
  WorkMaster Harness ~ (One D-ring)  
Our Elk River® WearMaster™ harnesses come equipped with one D-ring, which is located in the back. They can be purchased in four different sizes, and they've been designed to completely revolutionize fall protection. With each purchase, you get a full-featured harness, and you also get a removable tool belt.

The WorkMaster™ Series harnesses have several great features to offer. The single D-ring, which is located in the center of the back, is made of strong steel. The chest strap comes equipped with a parachute mating buckle. The shoulder strap can be adjusted and has shoulder pads.

These harnesses come with lanyard parks and four-inch back pad. To provide workers with the best comfort, each harness is made of nylon and polyester. The leg straps have tongue buckles, and since they're part of the Master Series, these products can be used for many types of aerial work.

When workers are required to work high above the ground, they need to wear some sort of fall protection. These harnesses deliver the best fall protection because they wrap around the entire body. They're designed to secure the legs and torso, which secures the whole body. .

CSA Classifications
Group A - Full Arresting

USA Industry Classifications
FA - Fall Arrest
FP - Fall Prevention
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Steel D-ring attached to the center of the back
  • Four-inch back pad increases comfort
  • Leg straps have tongue buckles
  • Chest strap is equipped with parachute mating buckle
  • Nylon and polyester used for the manufacturing process
  • Comes with a removable tool belt
  • Fits all sizes SM-XXL
SKU ~ 75303
Elk River®
WearMaster™ Harness
1 D-Ring ~ Large Size
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