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Wipe Holder Large 5 1/4 W x 12 3/4 H x 4 1/2 D

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Wipe Holder
Wipes can be extremely useful for many applications. They're commonly used in work environments because they're great for cleaning up spills and general cleaning. These wipe holders are particularly useful because they have a unique tabbed base.

You're unlikely to find this feature when browsing competing products. The tabbed feature is incredibly useful because it holds the box of wipes in place. As a result, you can mount the wipe holder in a vertical or horizontal position onto a wall.

Once the wipe holder has been mounted, it lets you quickly remove tissues with a single hand. These wipe holders are very durable and made from clear acrylic. Since they're made of transparent material, it's easy to see what type of wipes they're holding. It's also easier to determine when the wipes need to be replaced.

These wipe holders will hold a single box of wipes, and although they're great for work environments, they can be used in other environments. Our wipe holders let you store wipes in a location that is convenient and accessible for workers, which they'll appreciate. The clear acrylic can handle daily abuse and keep wipes safe from the elements.

  • Clear acrylic is transparent and durable
  • Unique tabbed base lets you mount vertically or horizontally
  • Removal of wipes is quick and easy
  • Provide workers with accessible wipes
  • Dimensions ~ 5-1/4" W X12-3/4" H X 4" D
  • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
  • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.

SKU ~ AK-101
Wipe Holder


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