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Vinyl Disposable Gloves Powder Free (100 gloves) - All Sizes

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Vinyl Disposable Gloves
Powder Free
(100 Gloves)
Here are more of our disposable gloves. Unlike some of our other products, these gloves are made of vinyl. Each box contains 100 gloves and available in several sizes. These disposable vinyl gloves are very similar to some of our latex products but they're made with a different thickness.

With a material thickness of 3 Mil  these gloves are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They're commonly used in laboratories  and they work especially well for most applications that require chemical resistance. They're also used in the pharmaceutical and food handling industries.

Each glove is lightly powdered making it them easy to put on or take off. We also carry these gloves without powdert for people who're allergic to the powder. These disposable vinyl gloves are also ambidextrous.

These gloves  meet ASTM and FDA requirements and are chemical resistant and have no leaks or splits making them suitable for the oil and gas industries. If you're looking for disposable vinyl gloves and need to find something that is very affordable these gloves are some of our top products.
Features and Notes
  • Made from a soft-virgin vinyl formulation specially compounded to deliver an optimal combination of comfort, fit, flexibility, tactile sensitivity and performance;
  • Made from component materials which comply with Federal Regulations for food contact. 21CFR, 170-199;l
  • Physical properties meet or exceed ASTM requirements for vinyl gloves;
  • Contains NO natural rubber latex proteins.
  • DEHP and DOP free
  • Excellent form fitting grip
  • Notes:
    • Prices shown are per box.
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Materials Handling
  • Product Inspections
  • Laboratories
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Food Handling
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Grade
SKU ~ 64-V2000PF
Vinyl Disposable Gloves
Powder Free
(100 Gloves)


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