Tyvek QC Aprons, 28 by 36 inches, Yellow (100 ea)

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   Tyvek QC Aprons
The Tyvek QC™ aprons that we have here are colored bright yellow. These are some of the top garments that we carry for splash protection. The DuPont Tychem QC™ polycoated garments are lightweight, comfortable and durable. Since these aprons are coated with polyethylene, they're very effective at resisting chemical splash.

They're great aprons for any application that exposes workers to liquid chemicals and inorganic liquids. If you don't want chemicals to end up on your skin, then you should consider these disposable aprons. They're sold in packs of 100, so a single case can supply an entire workforce.

When you need to order a large quantity of aprons, we've got you covered. The DuPont® Tychem QC™ material is actually a mixture of Tyvek™ fabric and polyethylene. Since the fabric is coated with 1.25 mils of polyethylene, it's very effective at resisting chemical splash.

These aprons are ideal for chemical cleanup operations and industrial plants. Each apron is colored bright yellow, which helps to keep workers visible and prevent accidents. If you need reliable chemical splash protection, the Tyvek QC™ aprons are great products to consider.
  • 1.25 mils of polyethylene coating
  • Protects against inorganic acids and liquid chemicals
  • Can be used in chemical cleanup operations and industrial plants
  • Colored bright yellow for greater visibility
  • Made of high-quality Tyvek fabric

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Tyvek QC Aprons
28 by 36 inches
(100 Each)
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