Tyvek Boot Covers, High 18 Inch Top, White (50 Pair)

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601ty-header2.jpg  Tyvek Boot Covers
High 18 Inch Top
The DuPont® Tyvek® boot covers are commonly used for construction and cleaning applications, but they're usable for all sorts of other purposes. The products on this page have an 18-inch top, so they're much taller than some of our other boot covers.

The extra height gives you significantly more protection and prevents contaminants from entering your boots. These boot covers are sold in packs of 50, so you won't have any trouble getting the quantity that you need.

The DuPont® Tyvek® non-woven fiber boot covers offer most of the same features that you'd get from the shoe covers, but the additional height makes them a much better choice for use with boots. The shoe covers have a smaller height, so they work well with regular shoes. You can purchase our Tyvek® boot covers with vinyl or FC friction coating.

These coatings provide better traction, so they're great for slippery environments. The extra traction is great for wet tile, but it improves performance on virtually all slippery surfaces. With an 18-inch top, these boot covers are ideal for boot wearers, and the additional height offers significantly more protection than our shoe covers.
  • 18-inch top covers most boots and provides more protection
  • Tyvek® non-woven fiber is very protective
  • Choose from vinyl or FC friction coatings
  • Sold in cases of 50 pairs
  • 10 Pair Sample Packs available Click Here
SKU ~ TY454S
Tyvek Boot Covers
High 18 Inch Top
(50 Pair)
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