Suntech Microporous Coveralls with Hood, Boots, Elastic Wrists (25 per case) ~ Size 6X

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Suntech® Microporous
Standard Coveralls
Hood, Boots and Elastic Wrists
The Suntech® microporous standard coveralls featured on this page have a hood, boots and elastic wrists, and they're available for purchase in cases of 25 units. They're available in nine different sizes and offer all of the features that you'd expect from Suntech® material.

The Suntech® material is revolutionary because it's made of microporous film laminate, and the laminate material has been spunbonded to standard coveralls, which are made of polypropylene. As a result of the way these materials are combined, you get enhanced barrier protection, strength and comfort.

Strength and breathability are important features because many applications expose workers to tough conditions. Coveralls need to be strong, and to keep the wearer comfortable, they must also have great breathability. The SMP-261 coveralls are limited-use garments, and they work exceptionally well for non-hazardous applications. They keep workers safe from non-hazardous chemicals and can even protect against pathogens that come from blood.

Since these standard coveralls are made of spunbonded polypropylene, they offer excellent flexibility and tensile strength. With microporous film material, they deliver great breathability and barrier protection. They can protect against airborne particles, chemical dusts, asbestos and paint sprays.
  • Ideal for tank cleaning, spraying, general maintenance, cleaning and liquid handling
  • Keeps workers safe from paint sprays, airborne particles, asbestos and chemical dusts
  • Made with microporous film for superior breathability and barrier protection
  • Designed with spunbonded polypropylene for great flexibility and tensile strength
  • Packed 25 to a case.
  • Prices shown are per case

SKU ~ SMP261-6X
Suntech Microporous
Standard Coveralls
Hood, Boots and Elastic Wrists
(25 per case) ~ Size 6X

Sizing Information
Small   34-36
Medium   38-40
Large   42-44
XL   46-48
2XL   50-52
3XL   54-56
4XL   58-60
5XL   62-64


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