Suntech Microporous 18 inch Sleeves with Elastic Ends (100 pair per case)

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Suntech® Microporous
18 inch Sleeves
with Elastic Ends
Our Suntech® microporous 18-inch sleeves have elastic ends, and they're available for purchase in cases of 100 units. You can choose from nine different sizes and find the perfect fit for your needs. These Suntech® sleeves are made of microporous film laminate material, and for better barrier protection, the laminate material is spunbonded onto regular polypropylene.

The Suntech® material is what makes these sleeves better than many competing products. It consists of the perfect mixture of materials. As a result of how the materials are combined, you get better comfort, strength and barrier protection. These sleeves are great for workers who need excellent breathability and strength.

We recommend these sleeves for non-hazardous applications, and they also work well for working with non-hazardous chemicals. The Suntech® 18-inch sleeves are even capable of protecting you against pathogens. Each sleeve is made of spunbonded polypropylene material, so you get incredible flexibility and tensile strength.

The microporous film offer unmatched breathability and barrier protection, and it can be used for several common applications. If you need protection against airborne particles, chemical dusts, paint sprays and asbestos, these sleeves are worth considering.
  • Commonly used for general maintenance, tank cleaning and painting
  • Protects against paint sprays, airborne particles and asbestos
  • Made of microporous film
  • Great breathability and tensile strength
  • Spunbonded polypropylene can withstand tough work conditions

SKU ~ SMP500
Suntech Microporous
18 inch Sleeves
with Elastic Ends
(100 pair per case)


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