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Steelcore II Cut Resistant Gloves (looser weave #7) (SOLD BY THE EACH) Size Small

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Steelcore® II
Cut Resistant Gloves
Size Small
The Steelcore® II gloves offer superior cut resistance, and unlike some of our other products, these gloves are made with a looser weave #7. They're sold by the pair and available in several different sizes. Many of our customers purchase these gloves because they provide a CPPT cut protection rating of Level 5.

We recommend these products for applications that involve knives and cutting blades. They're suitable for most applications that require a high level of cut resistance. These gloves are made of heavyweight 7-count weave and have dual stainless steel woven into them.

To increase comfort, the stainless steel material is wrapped in nylon yard. The Steelcore® II gloves even have antimicrobial protection built into them, which inhibits the growth of mildew, bacterial and mold. Despite the fact that they're made with stainless-steel material, these gloves can be laundered, and they'll retain their useful food handling properties.

These gloves are reversible and made with materials that have been accepted by the FDA. If you're looking for high-quality gloves to use for food handling, these are some of the best products that we have to offer. They're even coated with PVC material, so you can get a better grip.
Features and Notes
  • Provides Level 5 cut resistance
  • Can be reversed
  • Made of dual stainless steel and wrapped in soft nylon yarn
  • Very strong
  • Coated with PVC for a better grip
  • Can be washed
  • Made with materials that have been approved by the FDA for food handling
  • Frequently used for metal fabricating, glass handling, food processing and canning

  • Notes:
    • Usually ships in one day from Texas
    • Steelcore II #9350 gloves are sold be the EACH individual piece and not be the pair. The gloves are reversible, so there is no need to specify left or right hands
    • Comes in sizes SM-XL; however, the #9350 Steelcore gloves are VERY LARGE so they can be worn over other gloves for added cutting protection. Therefore, you will need to order at least a size smaller than normal if you are wearing them directly on the hand.
  • Canning
  • Food processing
  • Glass handling
  • Metal fabricating
SKU ~ 9350-SM
Steelcore® II
Cut Resistant Gloves
(looser weave #7)
Size Small


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