Shoe Cover Dispenser Rack

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Shoe Cover
Dispenser Rack
These shoe cover dispensers can be installed almost anywhere, and they'll provide convenient access to covers. They can hold any type of cover, and they're frequently used for the storage of polypropylene and plastic shoe covers. Many industries expose workers to a wide range of hazards.

For example, the emergency, chemical and medical industries are known to expose workers to a variety of complex hazards. Disposable shoe covers help to protect workers against these hazards. The only problem is that many workers are unlikely to wear shoe covers if they don't have easy access to them.

Employers can solve this problem with the installation of shoe cover dispenser racks. These units can be used to hold all types of shoe covers. They're ideal for use with pleated, boxed or bagged products. Since they're designed with a standard size, you can use them to hold standard boxes of shoe covers.

When you make shoe covers more accessible for workers, they're much more likely to wear them. Shoe covers deliver protection against a wide range of hazards, so these dispensers are great investments for any environment.
  • Can be used to hold all types of shoe covers
  • Great for pleated, boxed and bagged products
  • Ideal for the medical and chemical industries
  • Give workers easy access to shoe covers
8.25" High x 13" Wide x 6.75" Deep
SKU ~ RE4024
Shoe Cover
Dispenser Rack


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