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Rubber Edging for Hard Hats

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Now available for individual purchase is one set of our hard hat edging.  This edging material comes with 3 foot of material that will attach to the outside brim of your hard hat.  The brim of the hat take quite a bit of abuse and also can scratch up the surface of tables, car hoods, etc.  We have been selling the edging already attached to our various hard hats, but were asked to sell them separately.  The edging protects both your hard hat and the surfaces it comes into contact with.  


These rubber rims just slide right on to your hard hat and fit pretty much all our full brim hats and most cap style hard hats.  In order to attach the hard hat must have approximately a 1/4 inch lip around the hat.  Some cap style hard hats only have a lip on the front brim of the hat.  Each strip can be cut to fit the individual hard hat and slide right on and stay attached. For some very rounded hats we might suggest a drop of glue on both ends to keep it tight, but generally no glue is required.  




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