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Quad Glove Box Stand

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Quad Glove Box Stand
Our Quad Glove Box Stands are available on this page, and they can hold up to four boxes of gloves. These units are great for large workplaces because they can hold several boxes of gloves. Glove box stands are designed to stand upright, and they're effective at getting gloves to workers who need them.

Since each box stand can hold up to four boxes of gloves, you can stock several types of gloves. These box stands are compatible with standard gloves, so you can use them to store most regular products. One of the biggest problems for employers is getting workers the gloves that they need.

Studies show that workers are less likely to wear protective gear when they don't have convenient access to it. The advantage of purchasing and installing these glove box stands is convenience. Since they keep gloves in an accessible location, workers can grab the gloves when they need them.

Gloves serve as effective ways to reduce contaminants and can prevent the spread of infection. Our glove box stands keep a large quantity of gloves in a convenient location, which means workers have access to them at all times.

  • Can hold up to four boxes of gloves
  • Great for keeping regular gloves accessible for workers
  • Store up to four different types of gloves with one stand
  • Dimensions ~ 11"W X 21"H X 4"D
  • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
  • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.

SKU ~ AK-784-4
Quad Glove Box Stand


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