Pyramex Chemical Foam Padding Safety Goggles w/ FF Clear Lens

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Pyramex Chemical Goggle
Anti Fog Lens
Foam Padding
The Pyramex chemical goggles on this page feature an anti-fog lens and have foam padding. They’re very affordable and offer several useful features. For starters, they have a black breakaway strap. Since they’re made with a clear lens, you don’t have to worry about color distortion.

Since these are general purpose goggles, they work very well for indoor applications, and they’re designed to provide the wearer with decent impact protection. You can wear them in sunny environments because they prevent eye strain caused by excessive glare. With a scratch-resistant lens, these goggles can take quite a beating and will still function like they’re new.

The polycarbonate lens is durable and can stand up to the toughest environments. These goggles even have a breakaway headband, so you get an additional level of protection. These are top-shelf chemical splash goggles, so they have a larger body and lens.

With one-way ventilation, they allow fresh air in and block liquids out. To reduce glare, the body is tinted, and these goggles meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact protection. There are some features that set these products apart from our other Pyramex chemical goggles. They have foam padding, so they’re able to provide a better, more comfortable fit.
  • Clear polycarbonate lens
  • Breakaway strap
  • Can be used for a variety of indoor applications
  • Breakaway headband helps keep the wearer safer
  • Body has been tinted for enhanced glare reduction
  • One-way vent brings air in and keeps chemicals out
  • General purposes for indoor applications that require impact protection.
  • Offers protection from excessive glare.
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
  • 100% polycarbonate lenses
  • Top shelf chemical splash goggles features generously sized heavy duty body and lens.
  • Body tinted to reduce glare.
  • Exceeds the ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Impact Standards.
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Pyramex Chemical Goggle
Anti Fog Lens
Foam Padding


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